Color-Blocked Yarn Wrapped PARTY CHAIRS!

Kin Community BRIDAL SHOWER COLLABORATIONOur Kin Commnity Bridal Shower Collaboration was a great opportunity for us to be able to share new, cool inspirational party ideas with you. My contribution are these color-blocked yarn wrapped PARTY CHAIRS.

This project gives a festive pop of color, and it is a project that ANYONE can make. There is no Knitting Required.

You can also get your friends and kids in on the fun, especially if you’d like to speed the preparation time up!
DIY Party Chairs. Color blocked, yarn-wrapped party chairs by Studio Knit!MATERIALS

• Two or more Yarn Colors in Fibers of Your Choice
• Scissors
• Tapestry Needle
• Chairs!

MATERIALS: How to Make PARTY CHAIRS with Studio Knit



I chose some very inexpensive bulky wool yarn. Your color choice is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. And the only other materials we are using are scissors and a tapestry needle. Oh, and of course some blank chairs. And you can use any chair, because we are not using any adhesives, so you can use your own chairs, or if your party’s at your friend’s house. Even at a restaurant.




This is a great project that adds a pop of color and flair to your decor. To begin, I simply tie a bit of yarn around my chair. Just tie it twice. And cut off the end there. I’m just wrapping around loosely and then sliding the yarn up my chair. I like to get the end of my yarn, and using my tapestry needle, I just weave it through the yarn and that holds it.

How to Make PARTY CHAIRS with Studio Knit How to Make PARTY CHAIRS with Studio Knit

Now for a really festive party POP of color, I am adding pom poms. Handmade pom poms are so easy. I learned how to make pom poms by Robert Mahar, who is a part of this collaboration, as well.


I made a little behind the scenes video, so if you’re interested in what it was like to be on a professional video shoot, please check it out!

Thanks, Guys! Bye! See you at the party!

How to Make PARTY CHAIRS with Studio Knit

Kristen's DIY Party Chairs: Bridal Shower Collab