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Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow: Knitting Pattern

My new Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow is the perfect gift to knit up for everyone you love!

This popular Bubble Stitch texture really pops, looking best when knitted with two or more yarn colors. Mix and match color combinations to make your own creative design!

Get your free written pillow pattern instructions below. You may also purchase my ad-free printable pattern in my Studio Knit Pattern Shop.

Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow on couch corner in red and pink yarn colors.

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Table of Contents

📏 Knitted Pillow Size, Gauge, and Characteristics

Pillow Size

Each pillow measures 15″ wide x 14″ tall x 4″ thick.
(38 cm x 36 cm x 10 cm)

Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow in red and pink yarn colors.


Gauge Swatch

11 stitches and 11 rows = 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) in Bubble Stitch with super bulky weight #6 yarn knitted with size 8 US needles. Measured taken with the unblocked finished piece prior to pillow stuffing.

Rather than using in the recommended 13 US sized knitting needles with bulky weight yarn, this pattern uses a much smaller 8 US (5.0 mm) needle size. Doing so creates a tighter weave, allowing the bubble stitch texture be more distinct when stuffed into a pillow. It also helps to close up the gaps created by the knit below bubble technique so that the stuffing isn’t visible.


Knitted Top-Down

This pillow pattern is knitted top-down-up from the upper heart humps to the lower point.


Skill Level: Intermediate

Here’s an intermediate-level project for knitters comfortable with increase and decrease stitches and the Knit 4 Below drop stitch technique.


Approximate Time to Complete: 6 to 8 hours

It takes approximately 6 to 8 total hours to complete this knitted pillow project, depending on your personal knitting speed.

Woman holding heart shaped knitted pillow in bubble stitch.

📖 Printable Knitting Pattern (ad-free)

WANT THE FREE WRITTEN PATTERN? Keep scrolling, it’s up next!

GET PRINTABLE PATTERNS! My 5-page ad-free printable pdf pattern, complete with knitting chart, of my Bubble Heart Pillow design is available for purchase in my Studio Knit Pattern Shop.

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Pattern Download Button

🧶 Knitting Supplies

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Yarn: Super Bulky Weight #6. Select any fiber and colors of your choice.
Pillow in One Color: 160 yards (146 m) of yarn
Pillow in Two Colors: 80 yards (73 m) of yarn in each color
Pillow in Three Colors: 54 yards (49 m) of yarn in each color

Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.


Knitting Needles: Straight Size 8 US (5.0 mm), Length 13″ or longer.

Suggested: Clover Takumi Knitting Needles.


Tapestry Needle


Poly-fil Stuffing (3 oz)

Knitting supplies of yarn, needles, scissors, and tapestry needle.

💡 Knitting Techniques

NOTE: Because the knitting abbreviations KFB and K4B are so similar to the eye, I am underlining the technique K4B in the written pattern instructions to help you best see the difference.

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📺 Watch Video Tutorial

💖 Written Knitting Instructions

STEP 1: Make Two Heart Humps

Beginning of heart pillow in bubble stitch after row 17 humps on one knitting needle.

Cast On 3 stitches

Row 1: Knit All

Row 2: KFB, P1, KFB (5 stitches)

Row 3: Knit All

Row 4: KFB, P3, KFB (7 sts)

Row 5: Knit All

Row 6: KFB, P5, KFB (9 sts)

Row 7: K4, K4B, K4

Row 8: KFB, P7, KFB (11 sts)

Row 9: Knit All

Row 10: KFB, P9, KFB (13 sts)

Row 11: Knit All

Row 12: KFB, P11, KFB (15 sts)

Change yarn color on Row 13, if desired

Row 13: K5, K4B, K3, K4B, K5

Row 14: KFB, P13, KFB (17 sts)

Row 15: Knit All

Row 16: Each heart hump has an increase on a different side.
1st Heart Hump: KFB, P15, K1 (18 sts) or
2nd Heart Hump: K1, P15, KFB (18 sts)

Row 17: Knit All

  • Cut Yarn
  • Move 1st Hump down your needle
  • With empty knitting needle, cast on 3 stitches, then repeat rows 1-17.
  • Once completed, both humps will be on the same needle with a total of 36 stitches.


STEP 2: Knit Body of Heart

Body of heart pillow in bubble stitch after row 36 on one knitting needle.

Row 18: K1, P34, K1 (36 sts)

Row 19: Please notice that in the middle, there is one KFB increase.
K4, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K5, KFB, K4, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K4 (37 sts)

Row 20: K1, P35, K1

Row 21: Knit All

Row 22: K1, P35, K1

Row 23: Knit All

Row 24: K1, P35, K1

Change yarn color on Row 25, if desired

Row 25: K2, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K2

Row 26: K1, P35, K1

Row 27: Knit All

Row 28: K1, P35, K1

Row 29: Knit All

Row 30: K1, P35, K1

Row 31: K4, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K4

Row 32: K1, P35, K1

Row 33: Knit All

Row 34: K1, P35, K1

Row 35: Knit All

Row 36: K1, P35, K1

Change yarn color on Row 37, if desired

Row 37: SSK, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K2Tog (35 sts)

Row 38: K1, P33, K1

Row 39: SSK, K31, K2Tog (33 sts)

Row 40: K1, P31, K1

Row 41: SSK, K29, K2Tog (31 sts)

Row 42: K1, P31, K1

Row 43: SSK, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K2Tog (29 sts)

Row 44: K1, P27, K1

Row 45: SSK, K25, K2Tog (27 sts)

Row 46: K1, P25, K1

Row 47: SSK, K23, K2Tog (25 sts)

Row 48: K1, P23, K1

Change yarn color on Row 49, if desired

Row 49: SSK, K2, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K2, K2Tog (23 sts)

Row 50: K1, P21, K1

Row 51: SSK, K19, K2Tog (21 sts)

Row 52: K1, P19, K1

Row 53: SSK, K17, K2Tog (19 sts)

Row 54: K1, P17, K1

Row 55: SSK, K1, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K1, K2Tog (17 sts)

Row 56: K1, P15, K1

Row 57: SSK, K13, K2Tog (15 sts)

Row 58: K1, P13, K1

Row 59: SSK, K11, K2Tog (13 sts)

Row 60: K1, P11, K1

Change yarn color on Row 61, if desired

Row 61: SSK, K4B, K3, K4B, K3, K4B, K2Tog (11 sts)

Row 62: K1, P9, K1

Row 63: SSK, K7, K2Tog (9 sts)

Row 64: K1, P7, K1

Row 65: SSK, K5, K2Tog (7 sts)

Row 66: K1, P5, K1

Row 67: SSK, K3, K2Tog (5 sts)

Row 68: K1, P3, K1

Row 69: SSK, K1, K2Tog (3 sts)

Bind Off


STEP 3: Knit One More Heart Shape

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to make another heart shape. Feel free to use the same yarn color combination or change it up.


STEP 4: Sew Two Heart Shapes Together

Once you have knitted up two of your heart shapes, to make up the front and back of your pillow, simply tack them together with the right side of your pieces facing together with yarn using your tapestry needle.

  • Starting on the bottom side of your knitted pieces, bring your needle up through both layers;
  • On the top side of the knitting, move the needle over 1/2″ and bring the needle back through both layers to the bottom side;
  • Repeat, sewing all the way around the pillow stopping about 4″ away from where you began.


STEP 5: Fill Heart with Stuffing

When filling up your pillow with stuffing, make sure not to overstuff.

  • Turn your heart right side out;
  • Fill it up with poly-fil stuffing;
  • Hand sew the 4″ opening together.
Heart Shaped Bubble Stitch knitted pillow in cream and pink yarn colors.

💝 Knitting Chart

Knitting Chart of Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow pattern by Studio Knit.

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