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How to Knit Stitch (Knitting Technique)

Easily learn how to Knit Stitch in just 4 basic steps for absolute beginners. My close-up photos and slow step-by-step video tutorial below teach you to confidently become a knitter today.

To begin, you will add stitches onto your needle, knit stitch your swatch, then finish up by removing the stitches off your needle.

Garter Stitch Knitted Pattern cast on knitting needles in white yarn atop a green background.
Table of Contents

Begin by Casting On Stitches

Before starting the following 4-steps to knit stitch, begin by casting your stitches onto one straight knitting needle using your chosen cast-on method.

If casting on stitches is new to you, give one of these techniques a try:

How to CAST ON Yarn in the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series by Studio Knit

4-Steps of the Knit Stitch Technique

I teach the Knit Stitch Technique in the American Method of Knitting, also called the English Method. Since I am an American, and this is the technique I use while teaching all of my knitting video tutorials, I consistently demonstrate the American Method of knitting. (The other style of knitting is called the Continental Method.)

STEP 1: Prepare knitting needles and yarn to knit

  • Hold the knitting needle with the cast-on stitches in your left hand.
  • Hold the knitting needle without any stitches in your right hand.
  • With the yarn in the back of your work, insert the right needle into the front of the first stitch. You’ll insert your needle to the left of that stitch and through. Your right knitting needle will be underneath your left needle.

How to Knit STEP 1: Prepare knitting needles and yarn to knit_____

STEP 2: Wrap yarn around the needle

  • Wrap your yarn around the right needle from back to front, so that it rests between the two needles.

How to Knit STEP 2: Wrap yarn in around needle_____

STEP 3: Slide the right needle with yarn on it

  • Slide the right needle down and bring the point forward through the stitch, bringing the yarn with it.

How to Knit STEP 3: Slide right needle with yarn on it_____

STEP 4: Slip the old stitch off the left needle

  • Slip the old stitch off the left needle. Make sure you only slip that first stitch off of the needle, don’t let any of the others off the needle yet.
  • Now the new stitch is on your right needle.

How to Knit STEP 4: Slide old stitch off left needle_____

Knit Stitch to End of Row

  • Repeat these four steps for each stitch on your left needle.
  • At the end of the row, all the new stitches are on your right needle now and your left knitting needle is empty. 
  • You will now switch your knitting needles so that the empty needle is again in your right hand. Begin once more by knitting with the first stitch and beyond.
Garter Stitch Knitting Pattern


Remove Stitches from Needle

Once you have completed your swatch, it’s time to take the stitches off your needle securely. Simply follow my Cast Off in 5 Steps lesson here >

Cast off knitting stitches with needles and white color yarn.

Watch Video Tutorial

and never miss a stitch

Absolute Beginning Knitting Series

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Knit Stitch Project Ideas

The knit stitch is one of the two most basic stitches that will allow you to create some fun beginner-level projects. Get excited to learn more by exploring my favorite knitting projects you can create today!

Garter Stitch Knitting Pattern: When you knit every row on straight needles, you are creating the most basic pattern, the Garter Stitch. It is easy to knit, reversible, lies flat, and is stretchy. This 2-Row Repeat is an easy-level project. It’s a popular choice to knit your first scarf, blanket, and dishcloth. A fan favorite is my easy Bunny from a Square!

Garter stitch knitting pattern flat on straight knitting needles.

Knitting Pattern Book (ad-free)

My Knit Stitch Book gives you 50 unique hand-knit designs created entirely from just knit and purl techniques. Easily understand exactly how to create each texture stitch-by-stitch with chart diagrams and written pattern instructions to knit both flat and in the round. 

Knit Stitch Pattern Book by Studio Knit

How to Knit Left Handed

I have created an entire video playlist on my YouTube channel: Left-Handed Knitting Techniques. From here, you may find the complete knit stitch technique lesson specifically for left-handed knitters.

How to Knit Stitch left-handed video thumbnail.

Thank You for Visiting Studio Knit

I hope you are inspired to begin knitting today! Once you have created your first swatch, you’ll be excited to knit up new projects.

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Happy knitting to you!

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