Absolute Beginner Knitting Series

The Absolute Beginner Knitting Series is the best video course to learn to knit from home! Taught by YouTube’s favorite knitting teacher Kristen of Studio Knit, you will go through a fun, easy to understand, systematic course to learn all the basics to begin knitting projects.

Enroll today and learn how to knit at home!


Get my entire video Series completely ad-free in an easy-to-follow format on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Plus — available exclusively through my Teachable course — you will receive my new printable resources to help you shop, learn, and create:

  • Knitting Tools Shopping Guide
  • Knitting Workbook
  • Knit Stitch Pattern Book


Studio Knit Downloadable Knitting Booklets


Purchasing Knitting Tools

  • Discover the essential knitting tools to start knitting today;
  • Learn to perfectly pair yarn with your knitting needles; and
  • Receive: Downloadable written 7-page “Knitting Tools Shopping Guide” to help you make the best, affordable purchasing decisions

Hands-On Knitting Techniques

  • Watch video lessons that are up-close, easy-to-follow, and paced perfectly for beginning knitters;
  • Understand all essential techniques including casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, casting off, and weaving in;
  • Create your very first knitted swatch; and
  • Receive: Downloadable written 9-page “Knitting Workbook” to reinforce all video lessons and keep as a handy reference guide!

Knitting Projects to Create with Your New Skill

  • Learn about knit stitch patterns with simple knit and purl combinations;
  • Explore cute, quick knit projects you can make today; and
  • Find online knitting resources to help you find exciting projects;
  • Receive: FREE Downloadable written and photographic digital “Knit Stitch Pattern E-Book” to create your favorite patterns while offline!

Knit Stitch: 50 Knit and Purl Pattern Books by Studio Knit

The Absolute Beginner Knitting Series Curriculum on Teachable
Learn How to Knit with the Absolute Beginning Knitters by Studio Knit on Teachable

This is the Season I'll Learn How to Knit with the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series by Kristen from Studio Knit