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My channel Studio Knit features easy-to-follow instructions, quick knit projects, and some fun crafty ideas everyone can make. I hope my free patterns and video tutorials inspire you!

Join the Bernat Stitch Along with Studio Knit and The Crochet Crowd Fall 2018Knitting Host of Bernat Stitch Along
Fall 2018 Bernat Stitch Along with JOANN
I’m excited to be the new Knitting Host of the Bernat Stitch Along with JOANN. I’ve been looking to share some larger projects as a community and this is the perfect opportunity for us to create three wonderful knitting projects together!

Studio Knit YouTube NextUp 2016 WinWinner of YouTube NextUp Class of 2016
April 2016 – #YTNextUp Playlist
Kristen was selected among hundreds of channels to train hands-on with the experts at YouTube Space LA.



Featured among Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Women by Video Influencers
May 17, 2017
“Kristen has put an awesome channel together here all about knitting. And we love these types of channels because again it illustrates the power of focus.”

The Daily Basics names Studio Knit among 7 Great DIY YouTube Channels to FollowNamed among the 7 Great DIY YouTube Channels to Follow by The Daily Basics
February 21, 2016
“Kristen and her channel Studio Knit feature easy-to-follow instructions, quick knit projects, and some fun crafty ideas everyone can make!”

mashfeedNamed among Best Knitting Feeds on Instagram & YouTube by Mashfeed
October 27, 2015
“Studio Knit posts cute and fun videos, highlighting knitting how-tos, tips and fun projects. Knitting is certainly less intimidating with this channel.”

Video InkNamed among Five Emerging Crafts/DIY Channels on YouTube by Video Ink
February 15, 2015
“A member of the Knitting Guild Association and The American Craft Council, Kristen, who runs this channel, shows viewers how to make anything from a knitted calendar to a yarn wreath. She also features videos that lay out the basics of knitting.”

Featured among Best Instructional YouTube Knitting Videos in YouTutorial Knitting Book by Tessa Evelegh, Carlton Publishing Group
February 2015
“This tutorial shows how easy, fun and quick i-cords are to knit. They turn out as tiny tubes that you can knit as long as you want. Although they are technically knitted in the round, this video show how they are worked on just two double pointed needles.”


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Together, let’s make beautiful, inexpensive quick knit crafts for those we love… including ourselves!