You can access my Free Knitting Patterns when you join the Studio Knit mailing list!I'm currently working on some super fun knitting projects for you, as we start to slide into knitting season. A lot of my upcoming will...
Enjoy this free collection of simple Knit Stitch Patterns with different combinations of simple knits and purl stitches. You can create an infinite number of textures and pattern designs by knitting with just these two basic knitting techniques.These are all easy level...
This Diamond Brocade Knit Stitch Pattern is an elegant design created by a simple series of knits and purls. This 8-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern creates a fashionable textured graphic. I think it would look stunning if you used it...
Celebrate special holiday seasons with a Knitted Pennant Banner! Continuing my Summer Knit Series and with the 4th of July holiday upon us, my sample is in the colors of our flag with red, white, and blue yarns. I have...
Yarn Dyeing Cyanotype Knit Swatches is a fun summertime craft project to take your knitting to the next level. Allowing the sun to penetrate the natural fibers of your yarn coated with your solution, you can create beautiful works of...

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