Learn how to knit a blanket, pillow, and basket in the Bernat Stitch Along with Free knitting patterns and video tutorials by Studio Knit
Knit a Velvet Pumpkin Softie! With so many pretty colors to chose among, you will enjoy decorating your home in touchably soft velvet pumpkins throughout the holidays... a new tradition for seasonal Halloween and Thanksgiving home decor!SAVE PUMPKINS TO PINTERESTFAVORITE...
Enjoy this free collection of my favorite simple Knit Stitch Patterns with different combinations of simple knits and purl stitches. Beginning knitters can create an infinite number of textures and pattern designs by knitting with just these two basic knitting techniques. These...
This Bubble Beanie Hat knitting pattern is my new favorite fashion accessory! My Bubble Knit Stitch Pattern is really popular right now, so I thought it would be great if I designed a hat that we can all knit up...
Knit up a Harry Potter Scarf! I thought it this scarf would be great to show it off Harry Potter style because Halloween is coming up and I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this particular scarf. Great year-round...
This is my first Knitted Basket! I'm happy to share the Bernat Stitch Along knitting pattern and video tutorial with you today. We begin by knitting the bottom base in the round with new jumbo weight #7 Bernat Blanket Extra yarn. Then...

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