Seacliff Seersucker Hat Knitting Pattern

This Seacliff Seersucker Hat Knitting Pattern creates a loose-fitting textured beanie. The hat has textured rows that create diamond shapes giving it a raised and pillowy design. With a twisted 1×1 rib brim, this hat design is created by this elegant knit and purl texture using just one needle size.

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Seersucker knitted hat in tan and pink colored yarns with faux fur pom pom.

Seersucker Knitted Hat Design

I designed this hat in the Seersucker Stitch, a popular easy knit and purl stitch. It may look intricate, but it’s made with basic stitches, perfect for knitters who are just starting.

The beautiful Seacliff State Beach located south of my studio inspired the design of this hat. The graphic parallelogram shapes, like a royal crown, capture the rugged beauty of the cliffs that make this coastal spot special to our family.

Skill Level: Intermediate

This project is perfect for those comfortable knitting in the round on circular and double-pointed needles, as well as decreasing stitches.

Three Seersucker knitted hats in tan and pink colored yarns.

Active Time to Complete

This hat can easily be finished in a couple of sittings, taking approximately 8 to 12 hours to complete, depending on hat size and knitting speed.

Knitted Bottom-Up

This hat pattern is knitted bottom-up from the brim to the crown.

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Printable Knitting Pattern (ad-free)

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Knitting pattern thumbnail of the Seacliff Seersucker Hat.

Five Hat Sizes

To assess your correct hat size, measure your head circumference just above the eyebrows.

Gauge Swatch

21 stitches and 28 rows = 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) in the Seersucker Stitch

X-Small (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
• Sizes measured in inches
• Plan for 12% of negative ease
• For a snug fit, select one size smaller

Fits Head Sizes: 17″ (19″, 20″, 22″, 24″)

Finished Hat Circumference:
15.25″ (16.75″, 18.25″, 19.25″, 21.75″)

Finished Hat Height: 7″ (7.5″, 8″, 8.5″, 9″)

Schematic of five sizes of the Seersucker Hat pattern by Studio Knit.

Knitting Supplies

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Yarn: Worsted Weight #4 Yarn
Samples: 220 Superwash Merino by Cascade Yarns
Yardage: 100 (125, 150, 175, 200)
Feel free to select any fiber and colors of your choice

Knitting Needles: Size 7 US (4.5 mm) 16-inch circular needle and set of 4 double-pointed needles or size needed to obtain gauge

Tapestry Needle


Stitch Marker – I just use a scrap of yarn with a slip knot

Pom Pom (optional): Faux Fur or Use a Pom Pom Maker

Cascade 220 Superwash yarn in blue and tan colors with knitting needles, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Knitting Techniques

Knitting Instructions

Step 1: Cast On

Cast on 80 (88, 96, 104, 112) stitches onto a circular needle with the long-tail method. Place the marker at the beginning of the round and join without twisting.
See hat sizing >

Step 2: Brim

  • Knit 6 rounds in the 1×1 Rib Twisted Stitch, plus 1 round of knit stitches. This creates a tighter brim.
  • If you wish to change yarn colors between brim and body, begin yarn color change on round 7
    Round 1 – 6: * KTBL, P *
    Round 7: Knit All
Knitted hat brim with twisted rib stitch in pink colored yarn.

Step 3: Body

Sizes X-Small (Medium, X-Large)

  • Knit Seersucker Stitch Rows 5 – 8
  • Knit 3 (4, 5) Repeats of the Seersucker Stitch Rows 1 – 8

Sizes Small (Large)

  • Knit 4 (5) Repeats of the Seersucker Stitch Rows 1 – 8

Seersucker Stitch Pattern Chart

Knitting chart of the Seersucker Stitch for the hat pattern in knits and purls.

Seersucker Stitch Pattern (in the round)

  1. Row 1: * P1, K3 *
  2. Row 2: * P1, K3 *
  3. Row 3: * K1, P1 *
  4. Row 4: * K1, P1 *
  5. Row 5: * K2, P1, K3, P1, K1 *
  6. Row 6: * K2, P1, K3, P1, K1 *
  7. Row 7: * K1, P1 *
  8. Row 8: * K1, P1 *

Step 4: Crown

Change to double-pointed needles when necessary.

This hat’s crown is designed to carry the entire texture throughout the entire piece.

Crown Decrease Rows

  1. Row 1: * K2Tog, K2, P1, K3 *
  2. Row 2: * K3, P1, K3 *
  3. Row 3: * K2Tog, P,1 K1, P1, K1, P1 *
  4. Row 4: * K1, P1 *
  5. Row 5: * K2Tog, K2, P1, K1 *
  6. Row 6: * K3, P1, K1 *
  7. Row 7: * K2Tog, P1, K1, P1 *
  8. Row 8: * K1, P1 *
  9. Row 9: * K2Tog, K2 *
  10. Row 10: Knit All
  11. Row 11: * K2Tog, P1 *
  12. Row 12: * K1, P1 *
  13. Row 13: * K2Tog *
  14. Continue K2Tog until you have 6 Sts Rem
Crown decrease of the Seersucker Hat in light brown colored yarn.

Crown Decrease Chart

Knitting chart of crown decreases for the Seersucker Stitch for the hat pattern.

Step 5: Finishing

  • Cut yarn, run tail through all remaining stitches, weave in, and cut
  • Block to size, if desired

Hat Style Customizations

Yarn Color Changes

If you wish to change yarn colors, here’s the trick to avoid purl dash lines!

  • After Brim: Knit Row 7 in new yarn color
  • Throughout the Body, knit one additional row in a new color, then continue knitting in-pattern

Slouchy Length

If you wish to create a longer hat length to create a slouchy beanie, add 1 or 2 additional Seersucker Pattern repeats for the length desired

Pom Pom Topper

You may also wish to add a festive pom pom to the top of your hat. I have a great tutorial on how to make your own Faux Fur Pom Poms. For the yarn craft project, I highly recommend watching my friend Robert Mahar’s video “How to Make Yarn Pom Poms” on YouTube.

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Pattern Credits

Knitting Technical Editor: A huge thank you to Kim Wilkerson of Knit Julep for her expert technical editing on this knitting pattern! I strive to create patterns that make sense. Working together ensures my patterns are error-free, complete, accurate, consistent, and clear.

Knitting Testers: A huge thank you to all of the talented testers who knitted up various hat sizes. See their beautiful finished work on its Ravelry pattern page here >

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