Knitting with a Digital Row Counter

See how you can help keep track of your pattern while knitting with a Digital Row Counter. Simply attach an affordable little device to your finger and help you track your knitting row-by-row.

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How to Knit with a Digital Counter

Attach to your finger with the adjustable strap: I thought that maybe having the counter attached to my finger might get in the way of my knitting, but soon enough, I totally forgot I was even wearing it.

After finishing each knit row: Push the big button to count one more knitted row.

If left unattended: The display will turn off after about 15 minutes. Just click the big button once and it actually remembers your last row.

When you want to reset it to zero, just push the small little button on the right.

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Where to Purchase Digital Row Counters

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I bought these little digital row counters here on Amazon. With 8 to a package and since they were pretty cheap, I thought it was worth a shot to try them out and give you a quick product review.

Knitting with a Digital Row Counter with Studio Knit

Pro Tips for Knitters

Avoid accidentally pushing your buttons: If you want your counter to keep track of your row count after a long time away, place it in a location where it’s unlikely the buttons will accidentally get pushed. I’m keeping mine in a little box on my craft table.

Battery Life: I’m not sure yet how long the little battery will last inside, but with 8 counters, I’m hoping I’ll have some on hand for a while.

Knitting with a Digital Row Counter with Studio Knit

When to use your digital row counter: Personally, I only use my counter when I want a general idea of my place in my knitting project. For patterns that require a perfect count, especially something like a lace pattern, I’ll stick to ticking off my rows with pen and paper.

Fun knitting tool: Using a digital row counter is a fun little way to quickly track your knitting rows for simpler projects, especially while knitting in public or on the move.

Knitting with a Digital Row Counter with Studio Knit

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I hope you are inspired to give these digital row counters a try in your next knitting project.

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