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Knit Front and Back Increase Stitch KFB (Knitting Technique)

Knit Front and Back Increase Stitch KFB (Knitting Technique)

Learn how to easily increase your stitches with the knitting technique Knit Front and Back, written in most patterns as KFB. This increase stitch will create two stitches from one. We achieve this by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch.

My step-by-step instructions, along with slow, up close video tutorial, will help you easily learn to Knit Front and Back.


Step 1: Begin with a Knit Stitch your regular way into the front of your work.

Step 2: Without taking the yarn off the needle, we will increase one more stitch by bringing the yarn on our needle also around to the back

Step 3: Knit into it.

Step 4: Take it off your needle.

Congratulations! Now, you have two stitches instead of just one, creating an increase in your knitted work.


I hope you are inspired to give this KFB Knit Front and Back technique in your next knitting project. If you’d like even more great knitting ideas, please make sure you join my mailing list. Subscribing to my YouTube channel Studio Knit is another easy way for us to stay connected and help support my work for free.

Kristen McDonnell Studio Knit

Happy Knitting to You!

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