How to Knit a Slouchy Beanie with Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial by Studio Knit

My popular Slouchy Beanie Knitting Pattern will help you make great gifts with my free knitting pattern and video tutorial. This is a classic design for adults that can be customized with various yarn colors and even stripes. Looks great on men and women alike. I was inspired to design this simple hat after seeing the character Hazel wearing a similar beanie in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ movie. 

How to Knit 'The Fault in Our Stars' Slouchy Beanie

WATCH STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO to Knit Slouchy Beanie


Knitting Materials for Bubble Beanie Hat with Free Pattern and Video Tutorial by Studio Knit

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Slip Knot 
• CO = Cast On Long Tail Method
• K = Knit Stitch 
• P = Purl Stitch
How to Knit on a Circular Needle in 5 Easy Steps
How to Knit on DPNs 
• K2TOG = Knit 2 Sts Together to Decrease
Bind Off
Weave in Yarn Tails

PRINTABLE PATTERN for the Slouchy Beanie Hat

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Adult Sized Beanie

Cast On 73 Stitches with the Long Tail Cast On Method

Join in the Round:  K2Tog, K71 Stitches

Knit in the 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern for 8 Rows (2 inches)
* K1, P1 * repeat from * to end

Knit all Rows in the Round until your entire piece measures 9 or 10 inches, depending on your length preference.  And make sure to switch to Double Pointed Needles when necessary.

Decrease Rows:

Row 1 – * K2Tog, K7, * repeat from * to end ( 64 stitches remain)

Row 2 – Knit Entire Row

Row 3 – * K2Tog, K6, * repeat from * to end ( 56 stitches remain)

Row 4 – Knit Entire Row

Row 5 – * K2Tog, K5, * repeat from * to end ( 48 stitches remain)

Row 6 – Knit Entire Row

Row 7 – * K2Tog, K4, * repeat from * to end ( 40 stitches remain)

Row 8 – Knit Entire Row

Row 9 – * K2Tog, K3, * repeat from * to end ( 32 stitches remain)

Row 10 – Knit Entire Row

Row 11 – * K2Tog, K2, * repeat from * to end ( 24 stitches remain)

Row 12 – Knit Entire Row

Row 13 – * K2Tog, K1, * repeat from * to end ( 16 stitches remain)

Row 14 – * K2Tog * repeat from * to end ( 8 stitches remain)

Cut yarn, weave through remaining 8 stitches, and pull tight.

Weave-in ends… and you are done!


I hope you are inspired to knit up this Slouchy Beanie Hat. I just love seeing all the color combinations you all are using to make your knitted hats. Once you’ve knitted your hat up, I’d love to see it. Uploading your pics on my Ravelry pattern page is a great way you can share with other knitters, too!

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How to Knit a Slouchy Beanie with Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial by Studio Knit