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Knitting Abbreviations + Stitch Glossary

Knitting abbreviations are common in many patterns. The following glossary will demystify terms found in your knitting patterns. Visit linked items to see detailed tutorials.

Knitting Abbreviation – Description

[ ] – Work instructions within brackets as many times as directed
( ) – Work instructions within parentheses in the place directed
* * – Repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
* – Repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed
” – Inches

ALT – Alternate
APPROX – Approximately

BEG – Begin / Beginning
BET – Between
BO – Bind Off

CAKE -Yarn wound into a cylindrical shape where both top and bottom are flat and there is a center yarn to pull out
CA – Color A
CB – Color B
CC – Contrasting Color
CM – Centimeter(s)
CN – Cable Needle
CO – Cast On
CONT – Continue

DEC – Decrease
DPN – Double Pointed Needles
DBLE – Double
DS – Destash (sell or trade unwanted yarn)

EOR – End Of Row or Every Other Row

FL – Front Loop(s)
FLASHING – Similar to pooling, but more linear in design
FO – Finished Object
FOLL – Follow
FROG – To rip back (for the sound “rip it, rip it”) by removing the needles and undoing all your hard work
FROG POND – A storage place for knitted items waiting to be frogged
FSOT – For Sale or Trade

G – Gram
GIFTED – The act of giving yarn/items to another for free
G ST – Garter Stitch

INC – Increase
ISO – In Search Of

K – Knit
K1B – Knit 1 Below
K2TOG – Knit 2 Stitches Together
KAL – Knit Along
KFB – Knit Front and Back
KIP – Knit In Public
KWISE – Knitwise

L – Left
LH – Left Hand Needle
LP(S) – Loop(s)
LYS – Local Yarn Store

M – Meter(s)
M1 – Make 1 Stitch by Taking Yarn Over or Around Needle
M1 P ST – Make 1 Purl Stitch
MC – Main Color
MM – Millimeter(s)

NO – Number

OTN – On the Needles
OZ – Ounce(s)

P – Purl
PAT OR PATT – Pattern(s)
PIF – Pay It Forward
PM – Place Marker
POOLING – When one color in a Variegated yarn bunches together in an area
POP – Popcorn
P2TOG – Purl 2 Stitches Together
PREV – Previous
PSSO – Pass Slipped Stitch Over
PWISE – Purlwise

RAK -Random Act of Kindness, a small gift to a fellow knitter
REM – Remaining
REP – Repeat
REV ST ST – Reverse Stockinette Stitch
R – Right
RH – Right Hand Needle
RND(S) – Round(s)
RS – Right Side

SABLE -Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy
SSK – Skip
SKP – Slip, Knit, Pass Stitch Over
SK2P – Slip 1, Knit 2 Together, Pass Slip Stitch Over the Knit 2 Together
SL – Slip
SL1K – Slip 1 Knitwise
SL1P – Slip 1 Purlwise
SL ST – Slip Stitch(es)
SS – Slip Stitch
SSK – Slip, Slip, Knit these 2 Stitches Together
SSSK – Slip, Slip, Slip, Knit these 3 Stitches Together
ST(S) – Stitch(es)
ST ST – Stockinette Stitch

TBL – Through the Back Loop
TINK – ‘KNIT’ spelled backwards. To undo knit stitches by reversing the knitting motion, effectively un-knitting the stitch
TOAD – Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
TOG – Together

UFO – UnFinished Object (usually an abandoned or neglected WIP)

VANILLA – An easy, plain pattern

WIP – Work In Progress
WPI – Wraps Per Inch (number of times yarn will wrap loosely around a ruler or similar tool in one inch; more wraps indicates thinner yarn)
WS – Wrong Side
WL – Wool, or Yarn
WYIB – With Yarn in Back
WYIF – With Yarn in Front

YARNIE – An independent dyer or spinner with a small business, lover of all that is yarn
YD(S) – Yard(s)
YFWD – Yarn Forward
YO – Yarn Over
YRN – Yarn Around Needle
YON – Yarn Over Needle

Knitting Abbreviations + Stitch Glossary by Studio Knit

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