Eiffel Tower Stitch Knitting Pattern

Bonjour, let’s learn how to Knit the Eiffel Tower Stitch. With a series of yarn overs, knits, and purls, we will create this tres chic vintage stitch pattern both flat and in the round.

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Eiffel Tower knitting pattern texture in gray colored yarn.

About the Eiffel Tower Stitch

Texture Design

The Eiffel Tower shape is created with lace eyelet holes atop a base of the reverse stockinette background texture in alternating rows.

Row Repeat

Each section is separated by a knit ridge in a simple 16-row repeat.

Close-up side view of the Eiffel Tower knitting pattern in gray colored yarn on a knitting needle by Studio Knit.

Knitting Level: Intermediate

A series of easy knits and purls, along with a yarn-over increase and purl two together decrease creates whimsical texture Since there’s a little bit more complexity, this for best for intermediate knitters comfortable with these techniques.

Not Reversible

This is not a reversible pattern, because both sides of your work, the right and wrong sides, are not identical. You can see in this sample that the Eiffel Tower design is displayed on the front side of your piece, however the back side displays vertical lines within a stockinette background.

Right and wrong sides of the Eiffel Tower knit stitch pattern in gray colored yarn.

Curls Slightly

This is primarily a Reverse Stockinette Stitch, which typically curls. As such I suggest you consider blocking or adding a border to your piece to help it lay flat. My favorite border stitches are Garter and Seed stitches. Both adding a border and blocking your piece helps it lay flat the best!

Can the Eiffel Tower Stitch be knit in the round on circular needles?

Yes, this written instructions are included to knit this texture in the round, along with a graphic knitting chart in the printable pattern below. Try it out with either circular or double-pointed needles.

Eiffel Tower stitch knitting texture on circular bamboo needles with gray colored yarn.

Knitting Techniques

This Eiffel Tower Stitch is an easy combination of simple Knit and Purl Stitches, along with increase and decrease stitches to create the eyelets. Find my entire library of Knitting Techniques to help knit up this project.

Eiffel Tower Eyelet Stitch Knitting Pattern texture in gray color yarn on knitting needle.

More Lace Eyelet Stitch Ideas

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Printable Knitting Instructions

Eiffel Tower Eyelet Stitch Knitting Pattern texture in gray color yarn on knitting needle.

Printable Knitting Pattern

The Eiffel Tower Stitch texture emerges atop a base of the reverse stockinette texture in alternating rows.

Makes: Eiffel Tower Stitch
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Yarn - Any Gauge


  • Knitting Needles - Appropriate Size for Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors



Cast On in Multiples of 8 Stitches

  • Row 1: P4, * YO, P2Tog, P6 *, P4
  • Rows 2, 4, & 6: K4, * K7, P1 *, K4
  • Rows 3, 5, & 7: P4, * K1, P7 *, P4
  • Row 8: Purl All
  • Row 9: P4, * P4, YO, P2Tog, P2 *, P4
  • Rows 10, 12, & 14: K4, * K3, P1, K4 *, K4
  • Rows 11, 13, & 15: P4, * P4, K1, P3 *, P4
  • Row 16: Purl All

Knitting Chart Flat:

Knitting chart of the Eiffel Tower Stitch knitted flat by Studio Knit.



Cast On in Multiples of 10 Stitches

  • Row 1: * P2, YO, P2Tog, P6 *
  • Rows 2 - 7: * P2, K1, P7 *
  • Row 8: Knit All
  • Row 9: * P6, YO, P2Tog, P2 *
  • Rows 10 - 15: * P6, K1, P3 *
  • Row 16: Knit All

Knitting Chart In-the-Round:

Knitting chart of the Eiffel Tower Stitch in-the-round by Studio Knit.


Repeat Pattern between * *

Repeat Rows 1 – 16 until your piece is the length you desire and then Bind Off.

Non-Reversible Knit Stitch Pattern.


Knitting Techniques

  • CO = Cast On Long Tail Method
  • K = Knit Stitch 
  • P = Purl Stitch
  • P2Tog = Purl Two Stitches Together
  • YO = Yarn Over
  • BO = Bind Off
  • Weave In Ends

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