Bee Stitch Brioche Knitting Pattern

This Bee Stitch Brioche knitting pattern is light, fluffy, and has some great dimension. It’s a favorite choice for knitting scarves, hats, blankets, and sweaters. With the Knit One Below technique, easily create this vintage texture.

Receive your free printable written pattern for both flat and circular designs. I also provide a knitting chart and video tutorial for the flat version. I hope you are inspired to try this beautiful brioche stitch pattern!

Bee stitch brioche knit stitch pattern in yellow colored yarn.

About the Bee Stitch Brioche Texture

Is the Bee Knit Stitch easy to memorize?

Yes, we are knitting up this brioche texture with just two different stitch techniques in a 4-row repeat, so this is a very easy-to-memorize pattern that’s great for knitting on the go!

Note that this pattern begins on the wrong side of the work when knitted flat with straight needles.

Is the Bee Stitch reversible?

This is not a reversible pattern, because the pattern is visible on the right side of your work.

Right and Wrong sides of the Bee stitch brioche knit stitch pattern in yellow colored yarn.

Does Bee Stitch require more yarn?

Yes, the knitting technique of knit one below creates a double knit texture with both one stitch and a float in each stitch. As a result, expect to use approximately twice as much yarn as a standard knit and purl pattern.

This stitch is a great choice when designing cozy pieces like thick blankets, scarves, and hats.

Close-up of Bee stitch brioche knit stitch pattern flat on straight needle in yellow colored yarn.

Knit One Below Technique

How to K1B? To knit one below, with yarn in back, insert your knitting needle from back to front into the stitch below the first stitch on your left needle. Knit into it, bringing both the new stitch forward while dropping the stitch above. My video tutorial is really helpful if this technique is new to you.

Printable Knitting Instructions

Bee Stitch Knitting Pattern texture in yellow color yarn on knitting needle.

Printable Knitting Pattern

This Bee Stitch Pattern is a Brioche knit, which means it's light, fluffy, has great dimension.

Makes: Bee Stitch
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Yarn - Any Gauge


  • Knitting Needles - Appropriate Size for Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors



Cast On: Odd Number of Stitches

Note that this pattern begins on the wrong side of the work.

  1. Row 1 (Wrong Side): Knit All
  2. Row 2 (Right Side): K1, * K1B, K1 * (repeat between asterisks)
  3. Row 3: Knit All
  4. Row 4: K2, * K1B, K1 *, K1

Knitting Chart of the Bee Stitch Brioche by Studio Knit.



Cast On: Even Number of Stitches

  1. Round 1 (Right Side): Purl All
  2. Round 2: * K1B, K1 *
  3. Round 3: Purl All
  4. Round 4: * K1, K1B *


Knitting Techniques

Flat Pattern begins on the Wrong Side (back) of the work.

Circular Pattern begins on the Right Side of the work.

Repeat Rows 1 – 4 until your piece is the length you desire.

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