How to Knit Cat Ears Pattern

Learn how to knit these adorable Cat Ears to attach to headbands or hats.

As a cute kitty cat costume, or just for a night on the town, this adorable accessory is a fun quick knit sure to make you the cat’s meow.


• Worsted Weighted Yarn, any color
• Stuffing
• 2 Straight Knitting Needles Size 7 US
• Scissors
• Tapestry needle
• A Head Band or Hat

Knitted Cat Ears on a headband in black color yarn.



Make 2 Ear Backs: Long-Tail Cast On 14 Stitches
ROWS 1 – 7 K
ROWS 8 – 20 K, K2Tog last two stitches

Make 2 Ear Fronts: Long-Tail Cast On 12 Stitches
ROWS 1 – 6 K
ROWS 7 – 17 K, K2Tog last two stitches

Once you have 2 ear backs and 2 ear fronts completed, place one front on top of an back, use your tapestry needle and yarn to seam two sides together.

Now we will turn our work inside out. Add a bit of stuffing, then seam it all together.

Then we will give our ears a little bit more definition and dimension by knitting a vertical line half way up our ears.

Now, tack your ears onto your headband with your yarn and you are done!

Too cute! You have just learned how to knit Cat Ears. I hope you are inspired to give this quick knit project a try.


I hope you are inspired to knit up this Cat Ear Pattern in your next knitting project.

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