How to Knit a Pumpkin Easily with Straight Needles

This free Pumpkin Knitting Pattern shares how to easily these adorable softies.

You’ll love how quickly they knit up with straight needles and any yarn fiber of your choice.

Break yarn, then with tapestry needle, weave yarn through. With right sides touching, seam edge 3/4 up.

Turn pumpkin knitted piece right-side out, Insert poly-fill stuffing, then finish seaming into a ball.

You now have a knitted ball. Cinch yarn down in the middle to create pumpkin shape.

Now wrap yarn tightly around your pumpkin to create its wedges.

Cast on 4 stitches onto double-pointed knitting needle to create pumpkin stem.

Get knitting pattern to knit your adorable pumpkins in four different sizes.

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