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How to Knit a Donut Softie Toy Pattern

Learn how to Knit a Donut into a delicious sofie toy! Make them in many flavors, colors, and sizes of your choice.

My easy knitting pattern lets you knit these 3-dimensional donuts on two straight knitting needles (no knitting in the round) and you can easily make larger donuts by adding more increase rows.

Knitted donut with sprinkle designs in yarn.


Slip Knot
Cast On Long Tail Method
Knit Stitch
Knit Front & Back
Knit Two Together
Bind Off

How to Knit a Donut Softie Toy


• Size 7 or 8 US Straight Knitting Needles
• Worsted or Aran Weighted Yarn
• Scissors
• Tapestry Needle
• Stuffing!

Watch Step-by-Step Video Tutorial


Cast On 16 Stitches
• Row 1: Knit
• Row 2: Purl

• Row 3: * KFB, K1 * (repeat between *)
• Row 4: Purl
• Row 5: * KFB, K2 * (repeat between *)
• Row 6: Purl
• Row 7: * KFB, K3 * (repeat between *)
• Row 8: Purl

Continue this increase pattern to make larger donuts.
Once you have determined you are at a half-way point:

• Row 9: Knit Row
• Row 10: Purl Row

• Row 11: * K2Tog, K3 * (repeat between *)
• Row 12: Purl
• Row 13: * K2Tog, K2 * (repeat between *)
• Row 14: Purl
• Row 15: * K2Tog, K1 * (repeat between *)
• Row 16: Purl
• Row 17: Knit
• Bind Off

• Using Tapestry Needle, tack inside CO & BO edges together.
• Stuff the tube.
• Tack remaining edges together, weave in ends, cut yarn


Crochet Chain to Make Drizzled Icing

By making a simple crochet chain, we can knit up a thin, graceful strand of suary icing. Simply tack it down into place in any swirly design of your choice.

And if you have never made a crochet chain before, it’s pretty simple. Taking an crochet hook, we begin with a slip knot just like in knitting. Then we grab our yarn and bring it down through our loop. And just continue along until our chain is the length you desire.

Decorating Knitted Desserts: Embroidery & Crochet Chains

Embroidered French Knots to Make Candy Dots

We can make little dots or nuts or chocolate chips onto our donuts in any colors by embroidering a French Knot. This is so easy.

Just wrap your yarn around your tapestry needle a couple times, make sure you’re holding onto the yarn in your left hand here, and insert it back down, close to where your yarn came up, but not the same hole. These are really fun.

Knitting French Knots. Decorating Knitted Desserts: Embroidery & Crochet Chains
Knitting French Knots. Decorating Knitted Desserts: Embroidery & Crochet Chains
French Knot Embroidery Decoration on Knitted Softies with Studio Knit

Easy Stitches to Make Sprinkles

You can make little lines going in all sorts of random directions in as many colors as you chose. Everyone loves sprinkles, so have fun stitching them up!

Yummy! These donuts are really fun for playtime, having a tea party, and even as holiday ornaments.

Knitting Embroidery. Decorating Knitted Desserts with Studio Knit
Knitted Donuts + Desserts with Studio Knit


I hope you are inspired to knit up these adorable donuts in your next knitting project. Check out my entire library of free stitch patterns! If you’d like even more great knitting ideas, please make sure you join my mailing list. Subscribing to my YouTube channel Studio Knit is another easy way for us to stay connected and help support my work for free.

Happy Knitting to You!

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