How to Decrease in Knitting with SSK and K2Tog

Learn how to decrease in knitting with the techniques SSK and K2Tog.

These abbreviations are the Slip Slip Knit stitch versus Knit Two Together stitch. See how they each slant in different directions and watch exactly how to knit each in my video tutorial.

SSK + K2Tog Knitting Technique Decrease Differences with Studio Knit

These knitting decrease techniques both narrow your work and lessens the number of stitches on your needles.

But here’s the difference between the two techniques: When we do SSK, we Slip Slip and Knit. As a result, our yarn then LEANS to the left. Sort of like our back-slash key on our keyboard. \\

With the Knit Two Together stitch, we see that our yarn is now slanting to the right, like the forward-slash on our keyboard. //

Your pattern will specify either an SSK or a K2Together decrease because your work is intentionally being shaped in a certain direction.

K2Tog and SSK Knitting decrease sample swatch on knitting needle.


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Happy Knitting to You!

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