Bamboo Ribbing Stitch Knitting Pattern

This Bamboo Ribbing Stitch Knitting Pattern adds depth and dimension to your knitting project. The texture with raised lines and ridges has a unique and natural look, like you have woven actual bamboo into your knitting.

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Bamboo Ribbing texture knitted on bamboo needle with green colored yarn.
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About the Bamboo Ribbing Stitch

Knitting Level: Beginning

A series of easy knits and purls creates this calming pattern making it a great choice for beginner-level knitters.

Texture Design

This stitch is an easy-level project created with a simple combination of alternating knit and purl stitches to create a ribbed effect that mimics the look of bamboo stalks. It is created with a combination of the Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette Stitches creating staggered columns of 4×2 ribbing.

Close-up of bamboo ribbing knitted texture in green yarn color.

Row Repeat

Knit up the Bamboo Ribbing Stitch in a simple 12-row repeat.

Not Reversible

This is not a reversible pattern, because both sides of your work, the right and wrong sides, are not identical. You can see in this sample that the bamboo stalk design is displayed on the front side of your piece, however the back side displays little vertical squiggles.

Right and wrong sides of the bamboo ribbing stitch knitted in white colored yarn on a wooden bamboo needle.

Curls Slightly

This is primarily a Stockinette Stitch, which typically curls. As such I suggest you consider blocking or adding a border to your piece to help it lay flat. My favorite border stitches are Garter and Seed stitches. Both adding a border and blocking your piece helps it lay flat the best!

Can the Bamboo Ribbing Stitch be knit in the round on circular needles?

Yes, with a simple adjustment to the even-numbered rows, this pattern includes written instructions to knit it in the round. Try it out with either circular or double-pointed needles.

Bamboo Ribbing stitch knitted on circular needles in the round with olive green colored yarn.

Knit Stitch Pattern Book

Love easy knitting? Get 50 more stitch patterns from my Knit Stitch Pattern Book available in both print and digital formats.

Project Ideas

Bamboo Forest Blanket: Create a cozy and textured blanket, ideal for snuggling up on the couch or giving your bed a stylish upgrade. Select among seven blanket sizes and have fun knitting up your new heirloom today.

Knitted blanket in bamboo stitch texture in green colored yarn displayed on a wooden ladder.

Dishcloths: This knit and purl texture easily make dishcloths and washcloths that showcase the bamboo texture.

Cozy Scarf: Knit a warm and stylish scarf with the bamboo texture, perfect for chilly days and adding a touch of elegance to your outfits.

Cushion Covers: Transform your living space by knitting cushion covers with this texture, adding a touch of visual interest and comfort.

Flower Pot Cozy: Create a stylish home decor accent by knitting in-the-round or seaming your flat piece to wrap around any vase or plant pot.

Knitted bamboo textured flower pot cover in green yarn holding peach and pink colored peony flowers.

Knitting Techniques

Find my entire library of Knitting Techniques to help knit up this project. To best understand the knitting techniques, make certain to watch my full video tutorial further down on this page.

More Bamboo Stitch Ideas

Looking for more? Give this intermediate-level Bamboo Stitch a try, as well. Create pretty rows that look like stalks of bamboo. This stitch is easy to memorize as a 2-row repeat and requires basic knitting stitches, along with a few yarn overs.

Bamboo knit stitch on circular bamboo needles with green colored yarn.

Printable Knitting Instructions

Bamboo Ribbing texture knitted in green colored yarn on bamboo needle.

Printable Knitting Pattern

The Big Bamboo Stitch Knitting Pattern

Makes: Bamboo Ribbing Stitch
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty: Experienced Beginner


  • Yarn - Any Gauge


  • Knitting Needles - Appropriate Size for Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors



Cast On: Multiples of 12

  1. Row 1 (Right Side): * P2, K4 *
  2. Row 2 (Wrong Side): * P4, K2 *
  3. Row 3: * P2, K4 *
  4. Row 4: * P4, K2 *
  5. Row 5: * P8, K4 *
  6. Row 6: * P4, K8 *
  7. Row 7: * P2, K4 *
  8. Row 8: * P4, K2 *
  9. Row 9: * P2, K4 *
  10. Row 10: * P4, K2 *
  11. Row 11: * P2, K4, P6 *
  12. Row 12: * K6, P4, K2 *



Cast On: Multiples of 12

  1. Row 1 (Right Side): * P2, K4 *
  2. Row 2 : * P2, K4 *
  3. Row 3: * P2, K4 *
  4. Row 4: * P2, K4 *
  5. Row 5: * P8, K4 *
  6. Row 6: * P8, K4 *
  7. Row 7: * P2, K4 *
  8. Row 8: * P2, K4 *
  9. Row 9: * P2, K4 *
  10. Row 10: * P2, K4 *
  11. Row 11: * P2, K4, P6 *
  12. Row 12: * P2, K4, P6 *


Repeat Rows 1 – 12 until your piece is the length you desire

Repeat pattern between the * * asterisks

Not a Reversible Knit Stitch Pattern

12-Row Repeat



  • Slip Knot 
  • CO = Cast On Long Tail Method
  • K = Knit Stitch 
  • P = Purl Stitch
  • BO = Bind Off
  • Weave In Ends
  • _____


    Knitting chart for the bamboo ribbing stitch pattern.

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