Diagonal Seed Stitch Knitting Pattern for Beginners

The Diagonal Seed Stitch Knitting Pattern is an easy design of a smooth background punctuated with diagonal rows of texture.

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Diagonal Seed Knit Stitch Pattern in pink yarn.

About the Diagonal Seed Stitch

Easy Knitting Techniques

This pattern is achieved with a simple combination of knits and purls.

Row Repeats

This 6-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy-level project. It is a great choice for knitting up impressive blankets, cowls, dishcloths, and more.

Texture Construction

This is knitted up on a Stockinette Stitch background with raised Seed Stitches in a modern, diagonal texture.

Is the Diagaonl Seed Stitch Reversible?

This is not a reversible pattern because the right side of the work displays the design, but as you can see below the wrong (back) side does not.

Diagonal Seed Knit Stitch Pattern right and wrong sides in pink yarn.

Knitting Supplies

Feel free to use any size yarn and needles for your creative project.

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Knitted swatch of the diagonal seed stitch with yarn, knitting needles, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Knit Stitch Pattern Book

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Knitting Techniques

This is an easy combination of simple Knit and Purl Stitches. Find my entire library of Knitting Techniques to help knit up this project.

Knitting Instructions

Cast On in Multiples of 6 Stitches

Begin by casting your knitting stitches in multiples of six. For example, you may wish to cast on 24, 30, or 36 stitches onto your needle for this texture if you’re knitting up a scarf.

Row 1: (right side) * P1, K5 *

On the right side of your knitted work, begin with one purl stitch and five knit stitches. Continue knitting this pattern between the asterisks of six stitches until you reach the end of your row. You will do this on all rows, as well.

Row 2: * P4, K1, P1 *

On the wrong side on row 2, purl four stitches, then one knit stitch, and finish with one purl stitch.

Row 3: * K2, P1, K3 *

Row three is knitting two stitches, purling one stitch, then knitting three stitches.

Row 4: * P2, K1, P3 *

On row 4, purl two stitches, knit one stitch, and purl three stitches.

Row 5: * K4, P1, K1 *

Here on row five, you will knit four stitches, purl one, then finish by knitting one stitch.

Row 6: * K1, P5 *

Lastly on row 6, knit one stitch and purl the remaining five stitches.

Continue Knitting the Diagonal Seed Stitch Pattern

Continue knitting the pattern by repeating these six rows until your piece is the length you desire. The diagonal texture will continue to develop and build as you keep knitting bottom up!

Close-up of the Diagonal Seed Stitch Knitting Patter

Printable Knitting Instructions

Diagonal Seed Knit Stitch Pattern in white yarn on knitting needle.

Printable Knitting Pattern

The Diagonal Seed Stitch Knitting Pattern is an easy texture of a Stockinette background punctuated with diagonal rows of the Seed Stitch.

Makes: Diagonal Seed Stitch
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty: Experienced Beginner


  • Yarn - Any Gauge


  • Knitting Needles - Appropriate Size for Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors



Cast On: Multiples of 6

  1. Row 1 (Right Side): * P1, K5 *
  2. Row 2 (Wrong Side): * P4, K1, P1 *
  3. Row 3: * K2, P1, K3 *
  4. Row 4: * P2, K1, P3 *
  5. Row 5: * K4, P1, K1 *
  6. Row 6: * K1, P5 *



Cast On: Multiples of 6

  1. Row 1 (Right Side): * P1, K5 *
  2. Row 2: * K1, P1, K4 *
  3. Row 3: * K2, P1, K3 *
  4. Row 4: * K3, P1, K2 *
  5. Row 5: * K4, P1, K1 *
  6. Row 6: * K5, P1 *


Repeat Rows 1 – 6 until your piece is the length you desire

Repeat pattern between the * * asterisks

Reversible Knit Stitch Pattern

6-Row Repeat



  1. Slip Knot 
  2. CO = Cast On Long Tail Method
  3. K = Knit Stitch 
  4. P = Purl Stitch
  5. BO = Bind Off
  6. Weave In Ends



Knitting chart diagram of the Diagonal Seed Stitch by Studio Knit.

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