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Stranded Colorwork

Stranded Colorwork Knit Stitch Patterns by Studio Knit. Create colorful textures with written instructions, knitting charts, and video tutorials.

How to Remove Purl Dash Lines (Knitting Technique)

You’re going to love my simple trick on how to remove purl dash lines when changing colors in knit stitch patterns that have a combination of both knits and purls in the same row. My trick will help you create invisible color change in knitting will help you when knitting stripes every time. Have you …

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Swirly Square Stitch Knitting Pattern

The Swirly Square Knit Stitch Pattern is so fun, whimsical, and modern. I love its texture, curving seams and the entire graphic look of this design! We knit in the round, starting from the very center, and continue knitting round and round, in alternating Knit and Purl increase rows. You can get really creative with …

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Log Cabin Square Knitting Pattern

Let’s knit up this Log Cabin Knitting Square today. This is a classic geometric pattern. We are starting in the middle, constructing it from the middle and adding block after block around and around until we complete our entire square of the Log Cabin Pattern. For you quilt lovers, this might be a familiar design to you, …

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Flying Geese Square Knitting Pattern

I’m excited to share this Flying Geese Knitting Square with you today. It’s very graphic, geometrical, and those of you that are quilt lovers, this is probably a familiar design. These stacked triangles are called Flying Geese and really fun to knit up. This pattern is the first clue of the Bernat Stitch Along that …

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Easily Knit Vertical Stripes using a Crochet Chain

You’re going to love this really easy hack to knit vertical stripes in a stockinette pattern. Here is a clean, simple way to add thin lines of colorful rows of knitting up your work. We actually will be using a crochet hook to duplicate stitch our stripe into our knitting. Yes, we can always knit …

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Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern

Today we are knitting up the pretty, cozy Bubble Stitch Pattern. You can create this Bubble Knit Pattern into a wide variety of creative fashion projects like scarves, cowls, hats, and shawls. This Bubble Knit Stitch Pattern is three dimensional, has a lot of texture, and is totally addictive to knit up! Since we’re cinching up …

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Brick Stitch Knitting Pattern

This vintage Brick Stitch Pattern is an easy stranded colorwork knitting piece that uses two yarn colors of your choice. The white in my example looks like cement in garter stitch holding together my pretty pink bricks in stockinette stitch. With a pattern of knit and purl techniques, plus a simple slip stitch, you can create …

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Sea Foam Wave Drop Stitch Knitting Pattern

Learn the Sea Foam Wave Stitch Knit Pattern with free knitting pattern and video tutorial. My recent tutorial on the regular Drop Stitch Garter Knit Pattern became instantly popular! Let’s turn it up a notch and create this beautiful ocean-inspired pattern simply by varying the number of yarn overs. With an 8-row repeat, this airy …

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