How to Make a Celtic Heart Knot

Ready to get lucky in love? The charm of the Irish combined with the symbolism of eternal love results in this really cool Celtic Heart, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

I have created a stop-animation clip so you can see the Celtic Heart magically appear without my hands getting in the way.

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I suggest making an I-Cord.  Shoelaces and paracords are great for this project.  For you crocheters, a crochet chain works great, too!

I have three great videos on how to make I-Cords, even if you’re not a knitter! Learn how to knit an I-Cord with:


So, let’s get started!

We take our i-cord and we are going to simply make two loops. Really easy!

erfect for St. Patrick's Day

Take the right side and just put it on top. Right there, the right goes on top, and secure it with your thumb. And the second loop, exactly the same.

The right side on top. And just sort of hold it down.

erfect for St. Patrick's Day

Now, this second loop is going to go underneath the first one. So, just bring it underneath, and half way through. Not all the way through, just half way.

And place it down so you can see how they intertwine.

Now, with the right side of your cord, those three areas, we are just going to weave under and up, and then down, and then the third one is back up.

erfect for St. Patrick's Day

And as far as tying, that’s it.

Now it’s time to shape, which can be the tricky part. So, we are just going to watch me shape it. Now, here is a really nice loose, beautiful, you can really see the detail in it. If you’d like it to be tighter, you just sort of tighten up. You just sort of look and see how the lines interact, and you just patiently sort of nudge them into place.

Oh, very cute!


Your Celtic Heart can be used as decoration or jewelry! You can make a necklace, or you could put it on a card, you could put it on a coffee cozy… Pretty much whatever you dream up, it would look really nice.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make your very own Celtic Heart. May you be lucky in love!

How to Make a Celtic Heart Knot with Studio Knit