How to Knit Xmas Ball HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS | We Are Knitters + Studio Knit

Christmas Ball Holiday Ornament Knitting Pattern with Video Tutorial

 Let's kick off the holiday season with adorable knitted Christmas Ball Holiday Ornaments! Give your home a touch of a little something special magic...
Velvet Pumpkin Free Knitting Pattern by Studio Knit

Velvet Pumpkin Softie Knitting Pattern

Knit a Velvet Pumpkin Softie! With so many pretty colors to chose among, you will enjoy decorating your home in touchably soft velvet pumpkins...
Bunny Softies with 6 Different Free Bunny Knit Stitch Patterns and video tutorial by Studio Knit

6 Textured Bunny Knit Softies

Chose your favorite of these 6 Textured Bunny Knit Softies. Long-time Studio Knitters will remember my Bunny from a Square pattern from a couple...
Knit Tiny Amigurumi Bunny from a Square! Just get some toothpicks and split some yarn to knit up these wee little knitted softies! #StudioKnit

How to Knit a Tiny Amigurumi Bunny from a Square

Today I'm challenging myself to knit up the tiniest possible Amigurumi Bunny. I love going back to old favorites to see how I can...
How to Knit a Bunny from a Square for Easter

How to Knit a Bunny from a Square with Video Tutorial

Knit a Bunny from a Square from an easy knit stitch pattern! These little cuties are quick knit Easter favorites for beginning knitters. Celebrate...
Knit a Heart Shape | Puffy Heart Softies by Kristen McDonnell of Studio Knit

Knit Heart Softies Free Pattern with Video Tutorial

This knit heart shape is the perfect quick knit gift for Valentine's Day and all year round as a gift to anyone you love!...
How to Knit Acorns | Knitted Softies for Beginning Knitters

How to Knit Acorns Softie Pattern with Video Tutorial

Today, let's knit up these cute quick knit Acorns!  It's a great yarn buster and perfect for your autumn harvest Thanksgiving décor. They are...
How to Knit the POOP Emoji

How to Knit the POOP Emoji Pattern with Video Tutorial

Let's Knit the POOP Emoji with an I-Cord!I've been receiving a lot of requests for knitted emojis and which is the favorite emoji of...
How to Knit a POKEBALL with Studio Knit

How to Knit a POKÉBALL Pattern with Video Tutorial

How to Knit a POKÉBALL | Pokémon Go DIYThis Pokémon Go toy is a fun quick knit softie for kids and pets!
Knitting Nemo! Finding Dory! How to Knit a Fish!

How to Knit a Finding Nemo Fish Pattern with Video Tutorial

These cute little fish softies are perfect for knitting up Finding Dory inspired characters or in any tropical fish colors of your choice!VIDEO...