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Knit Ranta Scarf | We Are Knitters

Like me, are you obsessed with those images online of people just knitting the day away, looking really relaxed, stylish, and super cool? Well, one of my favorite accounts to follow is We Are Knitters. And so I’m super excited that they are sponsoring today’s video!

WINNER: Congratulations to Ann Bidwell for Winning the Ranta Scarf!
Thanks to everyone who entered this contest!! I hope to offer more soon. Please enjoy the WAK discount & free XMAS BALLS pattern.

We Are Knitters
A big thank you to We Are Knitters for sponsoring and collaborating on this Ranta Scarf video with me! #ad

The Giveaway
UPDATE 11/15/2016: The Winner has been selected and notified. Thanks to everyone for participating in my contest giveaway!

What we’re giving away is this Ranta Scarf, which I just finished knitting up. It is so warm and cozy. I added lots of fringe and love it so much I’m keeping it all for myself. We Are Knitters and I selected this pattern especially for you because it’s an EASY LEVEL pattern, as well as a really substantial project that’s great both as gifts or keep for yourself, like I am.

The Ranta Scarf Knit Kit includes super soft 100% Peruvian Petite Wool, mine is in the color Spotted Grey and they have over 20 colors to choose among. Awesome wooden knitting needles and these are size 11 US. You will definitely see me knitting with these in future videos. A super simple pattern and I love that they tell you exactly what you need to know in really simple language. A little tapestry needle for finishing your scarf and even a cute We Are Knitters label that you can attach to your scarf.

RANTA SCARF KNIT KITRanta Scarf Knit Kit and Pattern by We Are Knitters with Studio Knit
• 4 balls of 100% Petit Wool
• Wooden Knitting Needles 8 MM / UK 0 / US 11
• Knitting Pattern
• Small Knitters Sewing Needle
• Embroidered Label
• WAK Packaging

We Are Knitters on YouTube
Studio Knit on YouTube


• All YouTube Contest Rules apply.
• How to Enter? Watch my video to find out how to enter to win!
• Qualifying contest entrants are 18+ years of age living in either the continental United States, Canada, or Europe.
• Contest entries close at 11:59pm PST November 15, 2016.
• One person will be selected by Kristen of Studio Knit to win the Ranta Scarf Knit Kit by  We Are Knitters.
• Winner will be announced in the description of this video November 16, 2016.
• Selected winner must create a free ‘We Are Knitters’ profile through their website to redeem gift.

To make certain everyone is included, We Are Knitters came up with two really great solutions.

One, we are offering a DISCOUNT CODE to everybody watching this video. This is being offered for a limited time, so make sure to go check out We Are Knitters, check out all of their knit kits and their yarns and you’re going to totally obsess over it. And you can always put this on your own wish list and let other people know that this is something that you would love to have for the holidays, for yourself.

Receive 20% off your purchase with the coupon code STUDIOKNITWAK (valid from 11/16/16 to 12/16/16)

XMAS BALLS: New Video from Studio Knit with Free Knitting Pattern by We Are KnittersAnd secondly, we are knitting up holiday XMAS BALLS, which is a cute quick-knit that We Are Knitters is providing to us. I’m going to show you an overview in my video. There will be a free pattern that you can download for a limited time.

XMAS BALLS: Download Free Pattern + Watch Video for Free XMAS Balls Knitting Pattern by We Are Knitters!

I am very excited to be working with We Are Knitters. Thank you to them again, so much, for sponsoring my video and supporting Studio Knit. Please give this video a lot of love and likes because I would adore working with We Are Knitters some more in the future.

Holiday Knitting is upon us! I hope you guys are having a lot of fun with it. I certainly am!

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters with Studio Knit

Ranta Scarf by We Are Knitters with Studio Knit

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