How to Knit the Cable Cast On Knitting Technique with Free Video Tutorial by Studio Knit

The Cable Cast On creates this really nice, super straight and firm edge for knitting and you’ll see it’s great for casting on in the middle of your work, too.

I really like the Cable Cast on for knitting projects like adult hats, because it really helps the edge not to curl up when you start with a RIB STITCH. It’s also really pretty and straight.

One of my favorite things about the Cable Cast On is that we’re able to start pretty closely to the beginning of our yarn, so there’s no guesswork as to where to begin.


Pro-Tip – try casting on a really loosely, since it tends to go onto your needle pretty tight. Oh, and even though it’s called a Cable Cast On, it actually has nothing to do with a cable knit stitch pattern, rather it has a corded cable look to it when casting on.

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We start with our beloved Slip Knot. Our second stitch is created just like a KFB Knit Front and Back stitch just like this. Okay, now we’re ready for the Cable Cast On.

Place your RIGHT needle in between those first two stitches. Next, bring your yarn, wrap it around counter clockwise onto your RIGHT needle as if to knit. Catch that yarn, bring it forward and out right here. And then place it onto your LEFT needle. To continue casting on, just repeat this third stitch.

Now, also, I wanted you to know that some knitting patterns, when you are in the middle of your work, they want you to cast on additional stitches. And the Cable Cast On is perfect to cast on more stitches anytime you need to add stitches onto your needle just like this!

I hope this video has helped you better understand how to knit the Cable Cast On!

How to Knit the Cable Cast On Knitting Technique with Free Video Tutorial by Studio Knit