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Collection of Bobble Stitch Knitting Patterns including Bubble, Raspberry, Spring, and more. Receive written instructions and video tutorials by Studio Knit.

Raspberry Stitch Knitting Pattern

This Raspberry Stitch Knitting Pattern creates a pretty bobble texture. This vintage texture is also known as the Trinity, Astrakhan, Cluster, Blackberry, and Bramble Stitch. The stitch is fun since it looks like little berries, especially when knitting it up in red, pink, and purple yarn colors. Get your free printable knitting pattern for both …

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Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern

Today we are knitting up the pretty, cozy Bubble Stitch Pattern. This texture is three dimensional is totally addictive to knit up! Other names given for this knit stitch pattern are the Bubble Wrap Stitch, Air Bobble Stitch, 3D Bubbles Stitch, Dimple Stitch, and Chickadee Bubble Stitch. Keep reading to get all your materials, techniques, …

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Bobble Stitch Knit in Stockinette (3 Sizes)

This Bobble Stitch Knit in Stockinette creates a fun little pop of 3-dimensional texture for any knitting project. Create these pretty little raised bumps atop any knit stitch pattern of your choice. To easily make this 4 stitch bobble, we will increase one stitch into four stitches, knit them in the Stockinette pattern, then use …

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Spring Bobble Stitch Knitting Pattern

Knit up this fun Spring Bobble Knit Stitch Pattern! The coils of this 4-Row Repeat pattern are created by wrapping your yarn around both knitting needles ten times! Then we cinch them up into these adorable springy little bobble stitches. RIGHT & WRONG SIDE of the Spring Bobble Stitch KNITTING TECHNIQUES • Slip Knot  • CO = Cast On …

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