Yarn Hat by Studio Knit

Get ready with me as I put my Yarn Goddess Halloween Costume together!

Studio Knit attempts to create her own Yarn Hat for Halloween.Have you figured out what you are going to DIY for yourself for your Halloween Costume?

I was thinking that I want to make this glamorous YARN HAT. Have you ever seen this image?  I see it on Pinterest, on knitting blogs, very stunning. It’s avante garde.  It’s a little ridiculous.

Studio Knit attempts to create her own Yarn Hat for Halloween.

So, first, if you have hair, let’s pile it all up.  We are going to put on a hat as our base!   I’m wrapping a blanket around as though I just got out of the shower, roll it up.



Simply use knitting needles to attach your yarn balls all around your hat.  Also some knitting swatches can be added and even works in progress.

We’re going to take our beautiful mannequin’s hat and place it onto mine.  See how big this is compared to my head?  Pretty huge!  I don’t know why I’m afraid.  Alright, I’m putting it upside down, putting it right side up.


yarnhat5  yarnhat7

Okay, so something I’m noticing right off is that all of these knitting needles that we stuck in are sticking into my head.  And the weight of the yarn is unrelenting.  So let me go ahead and pull some of these out.

And now we have these glamorous strands right here. The moment of truth.  Take my hands off.  No hands, look, no hands.


Glam Yarn Hat by Studio Knit yarn-head5 Glam Yarn Hat by Studio Knit

I think we have a winner here.  If you are inspired to create a yarn hat of your own, please by all means give it a try, it goes by really quickly, it’s pretty fun, I can’t stop laughing. You must  take a picture for me and send it.

Happy Halloween, everyone.  Bye!

Glam Yarn Hat by Studio Knit