Shop the Knitting Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide to Shop Best Gifts Under $10 with great product ideas for Christmas holiday giving by Studio Knit.

My new Knitting Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide for Under $10 helps you find super cute and affordable little knitting treasures for your favorite crafty friend this holiday season. If you are a knitter yourself, this list is also a great way to share what YOU would like to find in your Christmas stocking from your loved ones, too. Even a little gift under ten dollars will be cherished by your knitting friend. Yarn costs can often add up, so your gift will wonderfully help offset her next haul.


I hope you enjoy my curated list of fun gift items, all for under $10 each, that will inspire happy knitters to take their knitting projects to even greater heights! Want even more? Find my entire list of knitting gift ideas on my Studio Knit Shop on Amazon! My product affiliate links may provide me with a small commission at no charge to you.

Stitch MarkersStitch Markers for Knitters

These little yarn ball stitch markers are super cute and stretchy, too.

I love the yarn ball design.

Having them in different colors helps you keep track of your knitting project, too.

Knitting Needle Gaugeknitting needle gauge sheep hiyahiya

This totally adorable HiyaHiya Knitting Needle Gauge Sheep helps you check your knitting needle size once you’ve worn the lettering of your knitting needles.

Never guess their size again!

Knitting with a Digital Row Counter with Studio Knit

Digital Row Counter

Using a digital row counter is a fun little way to quickly track your knitting rows for simpler projects, especially while knitting in public or on the move.

Check out my entire product review and video tutorial on these little Digital Row Counters.

Yarn Cutter PendantClover Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver

A knitting tool is also jewelry? Yes!

This vintage pendant is both a fun fashion accessory, as well as a knitting tool! It’s so great to have a way to cut yarn, especially while knitting in public.

It can be great for traveling, too. I feel a bit like a secret agent using mine.

Stork ScissorsStork Scissors Crane gold sewing scissors small sharp

If regularly watch my videos on my Studio Knit YouTube channel, then these little gold Stork Scissors are totally familiar to you. I love that using something as simple as scissors can make me feel so fanciful and happy. I like to think of my scissors as a Crane since that was our wedding theme!

I first saw these little cuties at my favorite local fabric shop, Britex. I was so excited to see that Amazon offers these scissors for a very reasonable price so that you can cut your little yarn ends from your knitwear along with me, too!

Yarn Bon BonsTYH Supplies 8 Skeins Bonbons Yarn Assorted Colors 32g (70yd) the yarn it is 100% Acrylic (Rainbow)

Gifting some sweet, colorful yarn always looks great in your stocking or knitting gift basket.

Yarn Bon Bons are little tasty samples of different yarn colors for small, quick knit projects.

And we knitters can NEVER have too much yarn. Never.


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Get my new “Knit Stitch Pattern Book” to create favorite basic knit stitch patterns with my written and photographic samples of essential knit and purl stitch patterns for knitters. After you order from my Etsy Shop, you can simply download the .pdf, save it, then gift it either electronically or printed to your knitting friend at any time.

Knit Stitch Pattern Book for Absolute Beginner Knitting Series by Studio Knit Studio Knit Shop on Amazon - Gift Ideas for Knitters

Got Yarn Vinyl Decal

I think this “Got Yarn” Vinyl Decal is a fun way to proudly show off your love for knitting!

Just a cute little stocking stuffer that can be placed on your car bumper, bedroom door, or bookbinder.

Circular Knitting Needle 

A Circular Knitting Needle can be used for a wide variety of knitting projects. I’ve selected this exact size because I knit on this size the most. I love it for hats, like my Slouchy Beanie and new Bubble Beanie Hat.

Knitted in the round, you can make hats, scarves, even really big blankets!

If you are interested in learning more about how to knit in the round, check out my great tutorial on How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps here >

Cable Needles

A cute little set of cable needles is great for helping knitters work those complicated patterns, easily placing their yarn to the front and back as needed.

I personally prefer using these little wooden cable needles because my yarn stays put easiest on these.

Tapestry NeedlesHow to Use a Tapestry Needle in the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series by Studio Knit

Tapestry Needles are used to sew our knitted pieces together and weave in our yarn tails. Also called a yarn needle, it is a large-eyed blunt sewing needle.

The tip of our needle is blunt, unlike a the sharpness of a sewing needle, so that it doesn’t split our yarn. Sometimes it has a bent tip, but straight tips are fine, too.

If you’d like to learn more about using a Tapestry Needle, check out my tutorial here >

Studio Knit Shop on Amazon - Gift Ideas for Knitters

knit happy Tape Measure-RedTape Measure

Having a little tape measure in your knitting bag is totally essential!

When creating your knitted projects, often you have to stop to measure the length of your progress to determine what to do next.

This little tape measure is cute, retractable, and perfect for knitters.

pompom makerPomPom Makers

Knitted projects look great with a little pompom embellishment.

With lots of yarn about, it is often a fun respite for knitters to craft up some pretty pompoms, too.

Gift Certificate from your Local Yarn Shop (LYS)

An incredibly thoughtful gift to surprise your knitting friend is a gift certificate from her Local Yarn Shop. My favorite shop near my home in San Francisco is Imagiknit. When I visit for some yarn shopping, it’s so exciting to know that my yarn budget has a little more wiggle room to splurge on the yummy yarns calling my name.

Not sure which shop is her favorite? Do a little sleuthing by asking a few “innocent” questions like, “Where do you find your favorite yarns?” You could also simply go to Yelp and find a highly rated yarn shop near her home.

Of course, you can set the gift certificate for any monetary denomination of your choice. It will fit perfectly in her Christmas Stocking and it’s sure to light up her eyes with delight! Ho ho ho!

Knitting Q&A with Me and Knit Along in the Absolute Beginner Knitting Series by Studio Knit

Studio Knit Shop on Amazon - Gift Ideas for Knitters

Shop the Knitting Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide to Shop Best Gifts Under $10 with great product ideas for Christmas holiday giving by Studio Knit.Shop the Knitting Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide to Shop Best Gifts Under $10 with great product ideas for Christmas holiday giving by Studio Knit.

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