Stitches West Knitting Supply Haul 2017 by Studio Knit

Check out my Knitting Haul at Stitches West! Located at the Santa Clara Convention Center, this year’s marketplace was full of knitting inspiration, color, and creativity.

I definitely had to set a budget for myself. I always like to pick up one special unique item that I absolutely have to have. So, let’s check it out!

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Love+Leche Anywhere Balm All Natural Lotion Bar | Studio Knit


Love+Leche Lotion Bars are the perfect go-to all-natural, handmade moisturizing bars for knitters, quilters, and crafters of all kinds.

For starters, I actually had already picked up the large lotion bar at my local yarn store ImagiKnit in San Francisco about two years ago and it’s still going strong! Because I love it so much, I went ahead and got these smaller ones while I was there, too.

It’s like a really thick bar of soap, but it’s lotion. You just put it on your hands and then within two minutes it totally soaks in.

How this is special to knitters is that it helps your hands not grab the fine little fibers, the little parts of the skin that may be dry or cracked. It smoothes all that out and it actually helps you to hold the yarn better and it smells amazing. The one that I’ve had all this time is scented with Cedarwood. I had to go ahead and pick up some new scents in Lemongrass and Lavender-Mint because they smell amazing! They offer unscented, too, if you’re not into scents.

Softening skin, healing split fingers, absorbing quickly into dry skin, as well as imparting aromatherapy in a beautiful artisan design, our bars are the perfect gift for creatives. Unlike other hand balms for knitters, our bars are made by hand using local beeswax, locally-grown, organic, skin-healing calendula flowers, and scented only using plant-based essential oils–no chemical fragrances ever!

Painted Bamboo Knitting Needles with Blue Flower Design ChiaoGoo | Studio Knit


ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles

Painted Bamboo with Blue Flower Design
Single Point 9-inch Size 10 US

I also bought these amazing knitting needles! I want to start collecting fancy, decorative knitting needles and these are a great first set, especially at a reasonable price.

I can’t wait to start knitting on these and you probably will see them in future videos. They’re just really beautiful and I thought it would be even more fun look down at fancy knitting needles while I’m knitting!

Malabrigo Merino Caracol Yarn, Color #412 Teal Fether | Studio Knit


Malabrigo Merino Caracol Yarn, Color #412 Teal Fether

Caracol yarns are great for warm winter accessories, big cozy afghans, and stockinette that’s far from boring.

Continuing my blue and white theme, I went ahead and I got this one ball of yarn. Oh my gosh, there was so much yarn at Stitches West to chose among! A friend of mine said that she was just overwhelmed by all of the colors. It’s a wonderful, constant bombardment of booth after booth of amazing yarn, beautiful hand-spun, hand-dyed, really high quality yarn.

I love Malabrigo Merino Wool. Love it! I’m not sure how new this Caracol yarn is, but this is new to me. They thread it with this black thread so it gives it all of this really cool dimension. And I’m still coming up with ideas of exactly what I’m going to knit this into. Let me tell you, sticking to only one new ball of yarn was really hard, but I had to do it.

Truly a unique yarn! We start with a bulky thick-and-thin single made of our delightfully soft superwash merino wool, and then we criss-cross it with a binder thread (either black or white.) Then the yarn is dyed one of our signature kettle-dyed colorways, and poof! Something unlike any yarn we’ve made before, inspired by a particular style of handspun yarn. Caracol knits up into a cozy, fluffy fabric with a ton of texture and visual interest. Simple stitch patterns really let it sing!

Accordion Circular Needle Case by Chicken Boots


Accordion Circular Needle Case
by Chicken Boots
Barnswallow Design

This is my grand piece that I got that is really special for me for 2017. It’s something that conceptually I’ve always known that I’ve needed, but I didn’t really know exactly what would be the best product.

It’s an accordion style case that holds your circular needles! You know I love knitting in the round and I have a whole bunch of circular needles.

So, there are all of these different compartments, and you just place your circular needles within and organize it by size.

*Nine Pockets-each pocket holds more than one set and fits the original needle packages.
*Elastic closure = flexible fit. As your Accordion grows, elastic grows with it.
*A needle gauge fits inside a pocket.
*Dimensions: 5″ wide x 8″ tall, closed. When full, the Accordion is 1.75″ roughly.
*Low-profile needle storage, tidy, easy to carry, secure.


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Stitches West Knitting Supply Haul 2017 by Studio Knit

Painted Bamboo Knitting Needles with Blue Flower Design ChiaoGoo | Studio Knit