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Today I’m going to show you how to create an easy, colorful Yarn Wreath to Organize Your Stash. It’s a great way to keep your yarn stash on display, easily accessible, and it creates a whimsical home décor item for any door in your home.

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Yarn Wreath to Organize Your Stash

Tell me, has your family ever threatened to stage an intervention with you… A yarn stash intervention?

If you’re anything like me, you have wonderful and cherished yarns stashed randomly around the house in odd places. I have bags full of yarn…. Baskets full of yarn… Luggage organizers packed with yarn… I also have this great Ikea box chock-full of yarn. It’s crazy making, I know. I’m a yarn junky and it’s time to go into stash recovery, everyone!

yarn stash

So, let’s get organized!

To create this Yarn Wreath, we are using a Box Wire Wreath Frame. I found mine at my local Michael’s Store for under $3 dollars. I’m including a link below to the store Save on Crafts, if you would like to purchase one online. Then, you just need to gather up your random yarn stash, a tapestry needle, and scissors.

Wire Wreath Frame

This project is practically FREE to complete! From start to finish, this fun project can be finished in well under an hour.

How to Create a DIY Yarn Wreath to Organize Your Stash by Studio Knit


If you want to get your yarn stash organized in no time, here’s how to make it.

Starting with your Box Wire Wreath Frame, get your yarn and cut approximately ten inches of yarn from each ball in the corresponding color and get your tapestry needle. Carefully thread it through. Once you’ve accomplished that, almost… there you go! Just get your ball of yarn and poke it through one end and have it come out through the other. In this way, we have one strand of yarn that we are going to use to affix to our Wire Wreath Frame. I like to use a simple bow as though I’m tying my shoes, so then it’s really easy to take off. So, here it is from the front. And this is what it looks like from the back!

So, affix each ball of yarn one by one, until you have the entire wreath frame covered in yarn. Now, you can squeeze them together, tuck in your ends. And, it is done!

If you would like to hang your wreath on the door, simply get a wreath hanger. These are also very inexpensive. I found mine at Michael’s Crafts, as well. And, there it is! All done! Looks great!

Not only is this wreath a decorative addition to your home, it is a great way to organize your yarn stash. And it has a life of its own. I like to take yarn off as I’m knitting…. Put it back on… Even Roxie the Havanese dog loves it!

Yarn Wreath to Organize Your Stash by Studio Knit


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