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Business + Brand Deals

Thank you so much your interest in partnering with Studio Knit!


My primarily new/beginner knitting subscribers love learning more about knitting and craft tools, materials, projects, and patterns offered by your company.


This is the perfect time for us to calendar a collaboration that will reach maximum potential! Please let me know what interests you and let’s make it happen!


A quick look at my current demographics and fun facts about my “Studio Knitters!”

YouTube Channel Studio Knit

115K+ Subscribers
10M+ Video Views
600K+ Monthly Views


82% Female
45% Millennials (18-35)
29% Gen X/Y (36-54)
18% Boomers (55+)
8% Kids under 18


YouTube NextUp Graduate (Class of 2016)
Video Ink ‘Five Emerging Crafts/DIY Channels on YouTube’
Mashfeed ‘Best Knitting Feeds on Instagram & YouTube’
The Daily Basics ‘7 Great DIY YouTube Channels to Follow’
YouTutorial Knitting Book ‘Best Instructional YouTube Knitting Videos’
Video Influencers ‘7 Top Growing YouTube Channels by Women’


We Are Knitters | Knit Kit Promotion | Knit Scarf
We Are Knitters | Knitting Pattern Promotion | XMAS Balls
Walgreens | Red Nose Day Charity Promotion | Frogging with Flair
Best Fiends | Video Game Promotion | Travel Tips for Knitters
Mira Goods Yarn | Yarn Materials Promotion | Yarn Contest | Floral Bouquet Promotion | Kristen’s Tropical Flower Vase



Business and Brand Deals with Studio Knit