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Looking for Brain Hat Alternatives?

PINTEREST Check out a collection of Brain Hat DIY projects on Pinterest!

The GENEie Collection of DNA Beanie Hats from A Biochemist's Knitting PerspectiveThe GENEie Collection of DNA Beanie Hats
from A Biochemist’s Knitting Perspective.

Rebecca Roush Brown, the designer of ChemKnits, has shared many great free patterns with us to chose among!

Check out her free five different DNA hat designs!


Craftimism Resistor Hat - March for ScienceThe Resistor Knit Hat
 from Craftimism.

This hat pattern features a circuit with a battery and 3 resistors in series (to increase the resistance). Resistors are commonly used in electronics to slow down the electric current – the 4 vertical lines on the hat represent the battery while the zig-zag represents resistors.

Check out the free Resistor pattern options!


SEALEMON’S CRAFT FOAM Watch my friend SeaLemon’s Brain Hat video tutorial using Craft Foam!

 How to Knit a Brain Hat for Science March with Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial by Studio Knit