How to Knit Pop Tart Knitted Phone Covers for Beginning Knitters with Studio Knit | Watch Free Knitting Video Tutorial

Today we are knitting up these super cute and easy to knit Phone Cases. I’ve been getting lots of requests from you for a knitted phone case and I thought that its rectangular shape was perfect so that we could design it into a yummy Pop Tart.

Our design includes the pinched Pop Tart crust on all four sides, a smooth crust middle in stockinette stitch, a thick layer of frosting, and fun sprinkles! You may also add a strap, if you like! They also make really cute mini purses.

As seen in Craft Gossip: Knit a Sweet Pop Tart Phone Cover

• Worsted or Aran Weighted Yarn, in any fiber/colors of your choice
• Straight Knitting Needles – I used Size 7US
• Double Pointed Knitting Needles (for I-Cord) – I used Size 7US
• Scissors and a Tapestry Needle

KNITTING PATTERN CRUST:  Cast On in Multiples of 4, +2
Row 1:  *K2, P2* K2
Row 2: *P2, K2* P2
Row 3: P2, Knit all stitches, Last 2 Stitches Purl
Row 4: K2, Purl all stitches, Last 2 Stitches Knit
Row 5: Knit Row
Row 6: Purl Row
Repeat Rows 3 – 6 until your crust is the length you desire, then continue on
Finish Row 1: *P2, K2* P2
Finish Row 2: *K2, P2* K2
Bind Off

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To begin, we will cast on in multiples of four stitches, plus two, and we are going to match the width of your phone. For me, I’m casting on twelve stitches, plus two, for fourteen total stitches.

We will be making the first crust edge by Knitting Two, then Purling Two, and repeating this rib pattern until we reach the last two stitches, which we will simply knit.

Row 2, we will purl two, then knit two, repeating this rib stitch pattern until we the last two stitches, which we will purl.

Row 3, we will purl two stitches, knit all the way across the row until the last two stitches, and then purl those two stitches.

Row 4, let’s knit two stitches, purl all the way across the row, on on those last two stitches, we are going to knit them.

On Row 5, we simply knit all the way across the row.
Now on Row 6, we Purl all the way across the row.

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

Now, repeat these last four rows, rows 3 4 5 and 6, until your Pop Tart is the height of your phone.

Then we will finish up with our top crust edge with Knitting the series of Purl Two, and Knit Two, all the way across Row, finishing up with Two Purl stitches.

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

On our last row here, it is Knit Two and Purl Two, and on our last two stitches, it is knitting two.

Okay, and then we are going to bind off. And make one more crust for the other side of your phone case.

Row 1: Knit Row
Row 2: Purl Row
Repeat Rows 1 – 2 until your frosting is the length you desire
Bind Off

To make our Frosting Layer, we will cast on ten stitches, and we are knitting in the stockinette stitch. You know, I like to slip the first stitch of each row, it creates a smoother edge. Row one, we are knitting and row two we are purling and continue knitting until your frosting is the height you desire. Okay and then simply bind off.

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

And now for the really fun part! Let’s add sprinkles! This is a great stash buster, too. I like to just tie off my ends on the wrong side, and use the tails of my yarn as a bit of stuffing for a nice thick layer of frosting. Using our tapestry needle, tack our frosting onto one layer of crust.

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

Then with our Crust’s Bind Off Edges on the Bottom, we will piece them together with the wrong sides touching, and the right sides facing outward, of course. And we just stitch our Crust together on all three edges, leaving the top open.

If you would like to make a strap, using your double pointed needles, knit up a four stitch I-Cord. I’m doing it in 4 stitches. And knit it up in the length you desire. Then just stitch them onto your phone case. I-Cord Knitting Tutorial

Slip Knot
Cast On
Bind Off

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

Pop Tart Knit Phone Cover with Studio Knit

I hope you are inspired to knit up some Pop Tart Phone Covers, too. I would love to see photos of your knitting!