Learn to create a Boho-Chic Friendship Bracelet! Great Mother’s Day gift idea for your best friend… MOM!

For your best friend, mom, sister, and yourself, bracelets can be knit with One Color, Two Colors, or even Four Colors.

To create this bracelet, we will be tying a Maritime Knot. This is a great Knot to learn for jewelry making.

Your Friendship Bracelet is created with two knitted I-Cords. If you are not familiar with how to knit an I-Cord, please check out my knitting tutorial for detailed instructions. If you prefer not to knit, you may also use any heavy cord or even Rainbow Loom.

The Materials for this project are yarn, 2 size 4US double-pointed needles, a tapestry needle, scissors, and measuring tape.

Materials - How to Knit a Boho-Chic Friendship Bracelet (MOTHER'S DAY GIFT)


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